Saudi company, operating since 2015 in the local market, we are specialized in luxury types of dates production, and the cultivation of rare and luxurious varieties of palms.

Our farms are estimated at more than 400 thousand palm trees in Qassim and Shaqraa, and we are working to reach one million palm trees in 2025.
Our farms total production in 2018 is estimated at about 3000 tons of luxury dates (Almajdool, Alsagai, Alkhlas ) the production will reach 9000 tons by 2023.

The company's objectives are in line with the goals of Saudi government Vision 2030 and support the National Transformation Program 2020 in raising the value of non-oil exports and supporting local content. More than eighty-five percent of production is exported outside Saudi Arabia.
The company is managed by a board of elite businessmen who have many experience in major Saudi and international companies.

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